SC4C 2021 will take place August 23-27

Registration and Payment Information:

Registration is closed as all spots are full.

Dear SC4C parents,

We are excited to be starting SC4C next week! Here are some helpful reminders and important information for you to know.

Please bring a hat, water bottle and sunscreen, and a mask just in case, every day. Running shoes or cleats are encouraged, and shin pads are not required but welcome as well. It would be helpful if everything was labeled, though we will have a lost and found box too! We will provide a frozen yogurt tube for a snack, and lots of ice water to refill those bottles. Snacks from home are welcome but must be nut-free!!!

Two Locations, depending on age: 
SC4C, Grades 3 - 6, meet at Chatham Christian Schools, 475 Keil Drive South
MINI SC4C, SK - Grade 2, meet at Grace CRC, 255 Tweedsmuir Ave West

Staggered Entry and Departure Times:
 please be punctual if possible, or wait until the end so that we can maintain space between cohorts.

Both Mini and SC4C camps
8:45 - Cohort "A" - Red and Orange teams
8:50 - Cohort "B" - Yellow and Green teams
8:55 - Cohort "C" - Blue and Purple teams
9:00 - any other latecomers

Mini SC4C @ Grace CRC
12:00 - Mini Cohort "A"
12:05 - Mini Cohort "B"
12:10 - Mini Cohort "C"

SC4C @ Chatham Christian Schools
12:20 - Cohort "A"
12:25 - Cohort "B"
12:30 - Cohort "C"

*Please see the attached document to see which team your child is on!* 
Team leaders will escort players to their team area. Each cohort is requested to maintain 2m distance from the other cohorts at all times.

Monday morning registration:
Keil Drive SC4C: please park in the city lot by the soccer fields, beside Chatham Christian Schools. The South side parking lot will be blocked off, where the registration table will be located.  
Mini SC4C on Tweedsmuir, please park in the Grace church lot on the East side and walk with children to the registration table by the Northwest doors. 

Volunteers will be ready to greet you at the first table, which will be used for Covid-19 screening. At the next table, t-shirts will be handed out, and volunteers will direct you to their colour team and leader, in the parking lot, spaced out accordingly. Please introduce yourself to the team leaders, as the pickup procedure will be done similarly, face to face, by the coloured dots in the parking lot. If you require assistance walking, please ask and we can gladly send the leader to meet you closer to your vehicle. Tuesday through Friday mornings, following a Covid screen, children can simply be dropped off at the front of the school, or by the north carport at church. Pickup will be done face to face outdoors, with 2m distancing, everyday to ensure safety.

Review of the Behaviour Expectation Policy
: If a child is struggling to participate well in his or her team at soccer camp, his or her team leader will ask one of our designated Head Coaches to assist the child until the issue can be resolved.  If the issue cannot be resolved after 15 minutes of one-to-one assistance with a Head Coach, the Camp Director will contact the child’s parent/guardian and ask that the child be picked up from camp as soon as possible.  The child may attend camp the next day.

Also, we have a Facebook page and would love to have you check it out! Search for "Soccer Camp for Christ" and you will see daily updates, and the info from this email in case you delete it!!! 

If you have questions or comments before camp begins, please email back or call me at 519-360-7741
.  During camp, please call or text the Acting Directors for emergencies or last minute changes, attendance etc. These numbers will not be posted on Facebook! 
SC4C (Gr 3-6): Suzanne
MINI (SK - Gr 2): Ryan

We will see you Monday morning!

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