SC4C 2023 will take place AUGUST 14-18!!! 9:00AM until 12:00 NOON.

Optional afternoon timeslot, 12 - 2:30 for grades 3-6.
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Registration has filled up fast!! We are now closing the registration links
as we strive to keep the camps reasonable sizes.

Volunteer Application Form: We are looking for more adults to volunteer in various areas! 
Click here to sign up as a volunteer:

Two Locations, depending on age:

SC4C, Grades 3 - 6: meet at Chatham Christian Schools, 475 Keil Drive South

MINI SC4C, SK - Grade 2: meet at Grace CRC, 255 Tweedsmuir Ave West

Registration Policy: There are limited spots available at Soccer Camp for Christ.  Registration will be first come, first served, beginning at 12 noon on Saturday, March 25. You will be notified through email that a spot is available for you, or that you are on the waiting list, once you have submitted the registration form. AFTER this, please submit your payment of $40 per child for registration. You will then receive another email, which will be confirmation of camp registration once your etransfer payment or other arrangement is made.

We also have a Facebook page and we'd love to have you check it out! Search for "Soccer Camp for Christ".

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