SC4C 2022 will take place August 15-19, 2022 from 9:00AM until 12:00 NOON.

Optional afternoon timeslot, 12 - 2:30 for grades 3-6.

Two Locations, depending on age:

SC4C, Grades 3 - 6: meet at Chatham Christian Schools, 475 Keil Drive South

MINI SC4C, SK - Grade 2: meet at Grace CRC, 255 Tweedsmuir Ave West

WHAT TO BRING: Hat, water bottle, sunscreen!!! Cleats are recommended but not required. Open-toed shoes are not allowed during soccer activities. Please bring a pair of clean, indoor running shoes in case of rain. Snack will be provided daily - a frozen yogurt tube and fruit or vegetables. If your child is often hungry, please pack some extras, and a full lunch if they are staying for the optional afternoon. We strive to be peanut-free, and please also try to avoid kiwi, due to serious allergies in the group. And bring lots of smiles! :) 

MONDAY - Registration details:  Please walk with your child to the registration table to discover their team colour. Then head towards the shade to meet with their team leader, face-to-face. Look for the coloured signs and coloured pinnies in rainbow sequence! T-shirts will be distributed by the team leaders. TUESDAY - FRIDAY: children can be dropped off by the registration table to check in. At the end of each day, children need to be picked up from their team leader, again face-to-face. 

COMMUNITY BBQ: Join us on Thursday, August 18 for a BBQ supper at Grace CRC, from 5 - 7 pm. Giant games, free food, fall programs and fun for the whole family awaits you!

Review of the Behaviour Expectation Policy: If a child is struggling to participate well in his or her team at soccer camp, his or her team leader will ask one of our designated Head Coaches to assist the child until the issue can be resolved.  If the issue cannot be resolved after 15 minutes of one-to-one assistance with a Head Coach, the Camp Director will contact the child’s parent/guardian and ask that the child be picked up from camp as soon as possible.  The child may attend camp the next day.

Also, we have a Facebook page and would love to have you check it out! Search for "Soccer Camp for Christ".

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